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Promise of achievement
Microflare Inc. delivers innovative and reliable solutions, customized with full dedication to our clients business model

Microflare Inc. desires to be the best consulting company and solutions provider for business technologies and brand communications in the eyes of clients, employees, partners, shareholders and the community.

The mission of Microfl are Inc. is to increase the productivity of our business partners by using a methodological and innovative purchased in-process R&D. We strongly focus on providing excellent services for business to business outsourcing needs.
Microflare Inc. is always focused on integrating business technology solutions (IT/IS) in combination with brand communication strategies for business development, marketing and advertising needs.

We are eager to understand the current creativity and innovation environment within our organization, including strengths, barriers, and opportunities for improvement.
Our policy is to find how to improve creativity and innovation performance.
We understand how factors within our organization affect the individual creativity of our employees, so our changes of improvement have a permanent and sustainable impact. The degree of creativity and innovation in our organization is determined by concrete, measurable factors.

Our management is convinced that quality control and reliability of the products deserve our undivided attention.
Our quality system is built on a foundation platform which can be adapted according to the needs of the markets in which we are active or specifically to individual customers' requests, beyond our own code inspection software, and our strict coding standards that are already ensuring a constant level of quality regardless of the length of software life cycle. We have implemented a sophisticated bug tracking system which is also accessible to our customers and established a fully automated test system which is under constant development that allows us to reduce the test effort to a minimum.

It is our commitment to establish measurable reliability improvement goals. We start with a clear understanding of the current situation - this may include data collection, interviews, reliability testing analysis, and gap analysis. Then in a workshop format, we facilitate the understanding and creation of a fully specified reliability goal. With a goal, we then form the key metrics to monitor progress toward the goal.
Trust is not observable, but its effects can be seen by our long term partnership success with our clients.

Our passion is, to creatively and effectively apply technology to enhance our clients' business strategies. Passion is what tightly binds the design solution to the business problem at hand. Without it, the design may look pretty and might even win awards, but beneath the surface it's empty. The best work happens when the passion originates in the company and is directed at its customers.

"Winning a win-lose proposition is losing". "The only win worth winning is win-win". Microflare is focusing on client needs rather than on service offerings. We help our clients explore solutions to their challenges and goals.